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Gary Brennan · February 12, 2022 at 7:49 pm

Please you must use this link this weekend to partake in the “Crypto gods” NFT Whitelist Launch. https://dev.cataboltswap.io/user/nft_registration/crypto_god_nft_poseidon_eth

Please watch the replay call https://youtu.be/oBD04b0-QT8 (Walkthrough starts at 38:00 min mark).

If you dont use this link and know what the Walkthrough shows you, your attempt will likely not work properly. So please use these proper steps.

IF and only IF you have done that and still have an issue, please go to ZOOMROOM to report the issue They will help you and complete a Form if necessary.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Payment Plan that Dawn speaks to in the Walkthrough, will be available on Monday. Thanks everyone for your support !! So exciting !!!!

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